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what can you do

when the one thing that was holding you together

is now the thing that’s tearing you apart?

how can I let go of the boy

who wont even kiss me goodbye?

I should have know when I woke

to rain on the first of the first.

I could solve world climate change

with the amount of tears I’ve shed over you.

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It ends at the beginning.

We’re 40. You live in a mansion out in the burbs and I have my inner city apartment. You always wanted 14 but somehow you’ve ended up with only 3 and she’s taken them with her. I have my students and I have my studio. I have things better than free time and space to think. You call and after all these years I still pick up. Maybe because at heart I will always be a masochist. Maybe because I still believe the lies I feed myself. Maybe just because I know there will never be anyone who affects me quite like you. After all these years. Even if I couldn’t be your everything at least
I can be something. At least you know who you can always count on. “Hello trouble.” I smile. Yes.

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"I will never tire of waking next to sunlight spilling over your sleeping form. Just the sight of your pale skin bathed in golden light, gilded like the king you’re destined to become, and I, your unlikely queen. I imagine we glow in these early hours, in each new day untouched by anything other than the pristine morning light, and the sound of our exhales synchronised. In the morning we are together, we are a new beginning. In the morning we are one."

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I’ve made a home
Between your brooding brows
Nestled my pieces
In the hollows of your collarbones
I’ve stretched myself beneath your skin
Every inch of melding flesh belongs to you and I
And if you ever need to find me
Just reach inside your hollow bones
I fill the space inside your rib cage
In you I’ve made a home

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A million miles away
We are here.
Beyond the limits of space and time and all other mundane concepts,
We push the boundaries of physics.
You and I.
We break the law of gravity,
We have no physical boundaries.
We are energy.
We are matter.
We are stars.
You and I
No longer separate entities,
We are infinite.
We are here
You and I

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"look at the sky," he says,

chestnut eyes distant, yet focused

"it’s like a tiger waiting to pounce,

that moment of stealthy anticipation,

even when its over cast and grey,

like today

you can feel it in the air, something’s about to happen.”

I stare, mesmerized, on the brink 

of death or freedom, 

All I see are grey skies,

and those far away chestnut eyes.

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Whats in a name

"I never understood why females are expected to change their surnames when they get married. I love my surname, it fit so well with my first name. What if I were to fall in love with Mr Smith? Musetta Smith sounds ridiculous. My name is a big part of my identity, it represents my roots and my family history. It’s the title I’ve used to identify myself since childhood. It represents where I came from, what I’ve been through and who I am today. It is the one unchanging, defining feature that has been with me since birth. My name sounds like home to me and those who call it are those who know me. Why should I have to change something that is so fundamentally mine? Why do I need to alter something that’s is such a large part of who I am? Until you meet someone. Until there’s someone by your side who you wish to share every part of yourself with. Until there’s someone there whos name suddenly feels as familiar in your mouth as your own. So familiar it could be a well loved story from your childhood. Until you want to take on some of their roots, some of their history and become a part of who they are. Until then it doesn’t make sense. Until then. But I guess that’s why some names sound better together than others."

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I love you because you’re strong, not just physically but mentally, you could get through any adversity. I love you because you’re smart, not just intelligent, but street smart, you know things, you’ve seen things, you’ve done things. You’re confidant and you’re brave, you’re not afraid of anything. I love you because you’re proactive and decisive, you get things done, you don’t take anyone’s shit and you do what you want. I love you because you’re inspiring. I love how you love animals and how you turn into a complete marshmallow whenever you see a dog. I love you because you’re caring and decent, you go out of your way to help people. You’re loyal, you’re charismatic, you’re funny, you make me laugh, you make me feel like the world has endless possibilities. I love you because you made me better, you make me question things about the world, about my life. You make me want to get up on the morning. I love you because you see my potential: when I achieve good things it will be because I met you.

I love your face, the way you look at me, your smile, your dimples. I love the sound of your voice, your crazy laugh, your broody eyebrows. I love the strange colour of your hair and how its texture feels in my hands. I love your body, how smooth your skin is, your arms, your chest, your hands. I love how you fit me. I love how protected I feel when you hold me. I love you because you’re you, you’re unique, I’m never going to meet another you. I love you because you’re everything. You are everything.

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